On the web

I have long struggled to keep a standing website. I’m forgetful, I neglect to write posts, and I often struggle to remember to pay the hosting bill. As of today, I have rented a small VPS from OVH for a full year, and my domain is paid up for a good while as well. I decided to commemorate the occassion by writing a new site.

The site itself is generated from markdown files using Hugo as I have long ago given up on trying to keep up with the speed of the web. I was once a lover of Javascript, but the modern web has beaten that out of me for sure. These days, I find myself jaded against the corporate-owned, engagement-driven world wide web and yearning for a return to the days of websites dedicated to favorite cartoon characters or making fun of Flash. These sites still exist, but they are becoming far more obscure, and are being pushed further and further back in search engine results as crappy AI-generated spam blogs and social media posts flood the page.

About the site

This will primarily be a blog, but if I come up with cool project, there will be a link somewhere in the header that points to it. I plan to write about all manner of things from Linux, to programming, to video games. The list could go on and on. I will be making use of Hugo’s Taxonomies feature to tag and serialize posts when possible. Take a look at the bottom of the page to view and navigate to the tags for this post.

I look forward to having more to write, but as I write this sentence it is 12:25 AM and I’m ready to just get some damn rest.